Top 9 Beautiful Annuals that Bloom All Summer Season

Top 9 Beautiful Annuals that Bloom All Summer Season

Many annuals are highly valued by gardeners for their fairly long flowering period. Let’s see which of these plants looks the most spectacular.

By planting these beautiful flowers, you will transform the flower garden and create a unique atmosphere of comfort on your site. In addition, annual plants are unpretentious in their care, so even a beginner can grow them.


This attractive plant is popular with flower growers for its fluffy ball-shaped flowers. Their color can be pink, blue, white, or purple. Ageratum should be planted on the sunny side to achieve the lushest and long flowering.

Ageratum – an ideal plant for rock gardens and rockeries


Miniature, but very spectacular marigold flowers bloom in early June and, with proper care, do not lose their decorative qualities until late autumn. Yellow and fiery orange flowers framed by openwork dark green foliage fit well into any flower arrangement, delight the eye, and set in a positive mood.

Marigolds look great both in the flower garden and on the balcony in compact flowerpots.


This annual plant is famous not only for its long flowering but also for the pleasant aroma that exudes attractive flowers that resemble bells in shape. Due to the rich smell, datura is often called dope. To achieve lush flowering, it is recommended to water this plant 1-2 times a season with lime mortar.

Datura is a rather heat-loving plant, so after planting it must be covered with non-woven material


Depending on the species, the plant reaches a height of 40 to 200 cm. Blue, white, purple, or purple delphinium flowers, collected in pyramidal inflorescences on a long peduncle, adorn the flower garden in the middle lane from mid-June to late July. And in early autumn they bloom again in the summer you do not forget to cut off faded flower stalks.

Delphinium is recommended to be planted in a sunny and calm place so that the peduncles do not break off.


This plant is also called stencil, varietal, and pepper. Most often it is a low grass that perfectly decorates the alpine hill, rockeries, and borders. 

Iberis flowers can be white, pink, or purple.

Like other ground cover plants, Iberis is prone to root rot. 


In late May-early June, plant seedlings of cosmea in the ground – and at the end of June, you can enjoy the spectacular flowering of this plant. Its flowers are shaped like chamomile or aster. Their color can be different: white, pink lilac, burgundy, or yellow.

Cosmea is an unpretentious plant that is not susceptible to attack by harmful insects. It blooms all summer, and the only difficulty that can be encountered in growing is the distribution of flowers throughout the site. If you missed the seed ripening period and did not cut the flower heads in time.

It is better to plant cosmea in a sunny area: under the direct rays of the sun, its flowers shine spectacularly


Compact lobelia (10-20 cm high) grows well both in the sun and in the shade. Flowers crowning short pedicels can be white, purple, blue, blue, or violet. And thanks to friendly flowering, they decorate gardens and balconies from June to September.

Lobelia blooms more profusely in moist soil, so ensure the plant is regularly watered.


This plant is so popular that it needs no introduction. Petunia is grown as an annual or perennial. Most often, it decorates balconies and verandas as a pot culture, but it also looks no less attractive in a flower garden.

Depending on the variety, the flowers can be of different colors and sizes. Today, hybrid petunias with double fragrant flowers and miniature so-called militias are especially popular. 

Petunia seeds are sown for seedlings in mid-March, and in the second half of June, plants are transplanted into open ground.

 California Poppy

Even though each escholcia flower lives only 3-4 days, this plant blooms continuously from early summer to late autumn, as new buds constantly form in place of wilted buds. Orange, yellow, cream or pink flowers of scholia look like poppies.

The plant blooms well without much care. It only needs to be watered in dry weather.

It is not recommended to plant scholia on acidic and very damp soils: in such conditions, the plant will die.

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