Rajwinder Singh arrested to Delhi for killing a girl in Australia

The Delhi Police has today (on Friday) arrested a person who has a murder case registered against him in Australia. Rajwinder Singh, 38, a resident of Buttar Kalan in Punjab, is accused of killing a girl in Australia in 2018 and then fled to India. The Australian police had placed a reward of 1 million Australian dollars on him. And the accused Rajwinder was living in Delhi in disguise.

Australian Police has announced the reward

Rajwinder Singh is accused of killing 24-year-old Australian girl Toyah Cordingley. Australian police was continuously searching for him. The police had declared on him the biggest reward in the history so far. During investigation, it was found that he had fled to India. After which the Government of Australia appealed to the Government of India to extradite him. India has accepted this appeal in November this year.

left wife and children in australia

It is being said that Rajwinder Singh fled to India only two days after killing 24-year-old Australian girl Toya Cordingley. He had left his wife and three children in Australia. His brother had earlier told that Rajwinder had landed at Amritsar airport and was mentally disturbed due to work. However, since then not much information could be found about him.

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What did the mother of the deceased say?

At the same time, Vanessa Gardiner, the mother of the deceased Toya Cordingley, said that her daughter was very beautiful and spiritual. She still gets emotional remembering him. He said that his life was taken too soon. He said that I am now watching his friends getting married and think what have I lost. I could not even see this happiness. She told that she was about to start her first job, but could never do so.

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