PM Modi said on the slogans of the opposition – “The country is watching, one alone is heavy on many”, talks on employment and Adani case Talk on employment and Adani issue

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday retaliated fiercely on the opposition during the discussion on the motion of thanks on the President’s address. Before retaliating, the PM expressed his gratitude for including him in the ongoing discussion on the motion of thanks on the President’s address. On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi lashed out at Modi and the BJP. To which today i.e. on Thursday, Modi (PM Modi) gave a befitting reply in the Rajya Sabha.

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PM Modi talked about employment

Let us tell you, PM Modi said on the sloganeering and noise of the opposition, “This country is seeing that a single person is heavy on many. People playing this political game are looking for a way to escape.” Also said, “This country is not the fiefdom of any family. Why does the generation of the Nehru family have objection to keeping the name Nehru?” Also on employment, Modi said, “Those who do not know the difference between job and employment, they are preaching to us. Lies are being spread by fabricating half-baked things and Narigit. New possibilities of new employment have been created. New possibilities of green jobs have been shown on the ground.

Modi (PM Modi) said that Article 356 was used 50 times during the time of Indira Gandhi and the governments of opposition and regional parties were toppled. Leftist government was elected in Kerala, which Nehru did not like. He was dropped. Governments of stalwarts like Karunanidhi were toppled. What did Congress do with NTC?

Rahul Gandhi accused the PM

On Tuesday, referring to his Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi targeted the central government on the issues of inflation, unemployment, Agniveer Yojana, poverty and Adani. Rahul Gandhi said that he was told by army officers and ex-servicemen during the Bharat Jodo Yatra that Agniveer Yojana is not an army scheme. It has been imposed on the army. Ajit Doval imposed it. This is the idea of ​​RSS. Not only this, Rahul Gandhi alleged that Adani is given benefits during PM Modi’s foreign tours.

PM Modi’s befitting reply

PM Modi hit back: PM Modi hit back at Rahul Gandhi and said, those who used to say earlier that India is getting weak on the international stage. The same people are now saying that India is now threatening other countries. Apart from this, PM Modi also made a satire on Rahul Gandhi. The PM said that he must have had a good sleep yesterday and his supporters were jumping a lot after his speech. However, when Prime Minister Modi said this, Rahul Gandhi did not come to the House.

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