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Ritual for the end of the year

Good good. Are you tired of New Year’s resolutions that invariably end up in a drawer or at the head of the bed? (if not written). What if I asked you to find the first two things that matter most to you in the coming year in less than 5 minutes. Interested?

As I told you in my previous article about my end-of-year ritual, it’s pretty hard to resist the urge to take stock of the year just past and make decisions for the year ahead.

So, as promised, I will help with planning for the coming year. Sooo simple. Effective. Writing and reading takes longer than doing a 4-step exercise. Oath. 😉 I don’t like to complicate my life, you see, I believe that life itself will take care of it very well, so I don’t need to give her an extra helping hand.


You can start with the first 4 steps of the Year Opening Ritual or go directly to them.If these steps don’t interest you, download the New Year’s Opening Document, which complements the previous Year End Ritual step very nicely.

1. What else do you want this year? Begin each paragraph with the word MORE.

Example: more love, more health, more joy, more energy, more recognition at work-home-family, more income, more travel, more peace, more action, etc.

2. Where do you want to direct most of your energy? Choose a main theme/category for this year.

What tells you the most? What turns you on? What categories energize and energize you when you think about it? Start with these, they will feed your inner “locomotive”.

On the other hand, I advise you to limit your choices. We cannot simultaneously work on all the categories that make up our lives. (to see categoriesread my article about the ritual of the end of the year). If life has taught me anything, it’s this.

Ideally, you should focus entirely on 1 or 2 categories.hardly 3, because the more we work simultaneously on several topics, the more our attention is diluted, and therefore less concentrated and effective, and we do not get the desired results.

3. Choose a quality, object, or personal slogan related to your topic.

What is this object, word or quality that when you say it or visualize it gives you momentum, makes you want to move forward no matter what, gives you ENERGY that IGNITES you and that helps you stay “on track” (as we say in Quebec) summarize. Do not think. Let it go and embrace whatever comes, even if it’s not “glamorous”.

It can be an object, a color, like a pink triangle. Yes. It doesn’t have to be a “little flower”, a “little heart” or an angel falling from heaven for this to work. There are no right or wrong answers, only what motivates YOU. Nobody else.

4. Where do you want to invest the least amount of energy? Fight your “wolves”.

Look at your topics/categories that you pay the least attention to, the ones you pay the least attention to. Which of these categories are you most afraid to face? Start with this. In a homeopathic dosedare to changeatik.

To give myself courage, I always watch this video: Dare to change. It never fails, it kicks my “cl” / ass (sorry if you find this vulgar). I roll up my sleeves (both physical and psychological) and I’m going.

Here’s what it could mean for you too

To give you an example, Here’s What My Opening Ritual of the Year Can Do for My Anti-Candida Program Clients:

  1. More : health and self-confidence
  2. Categories : Health + Personal growth
  3. Personal slogan, quality or object : COURAGE or white shield from which everything rebounds
  4. wolves face to face : Work + Family = stand up and break the silence what makes us “victims”

So, here are my first steps in the ritual of opening the year. Below I also give you the second, equally important step, which is planning.

As you already know, only when we know where we are going do we organize ourselves to get there.

Your initial year sheet

2016Here is the year opening sheet with which I compose my coming year. Click to print my first annual report by clicking here or on the photo to the left.

  1. What your goals and intentions for 2016?
  2. What kind basic goals what would you like accomplish, achieve? Take the time to write down the plan that matters most to YOU. Not your spouse, children, boss, etc.
  3. Then take the time to break down into small steps.
  4. Schedule a meeting with yourself once a month AND PUT THE CAR ON THE AGENDA. and see where we are with our goals. Adjust the list accordingly.

Target example in my case :

  1. Goals and Intentions : Turn home (and therefore offer) online courses and seminars on health on the Internet.
  2. Basic goals : Setting up a kitchenette studio for my workshops at home. Conduct courses-seminars on naturopathic health.
  3. Break it down into small steps to set up a mini studio (I make a separate list for each of the workshop courses) : Buying paint (wall + wall chart), wooden shelving + there is a cutout for a store, movie clips, a counter. Have an electrician install special wiring for movie theaters. Go to the garage and get the stove (bring my sons to help me), etc. Decorate. Remove the current ceiling light. Install spotlights and mark the floor with tape.
  4. stay more than : finish + remove the current ceiling + install spotlights and markings. Deadline: January 17th.

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