China reported record corona virus case after april lockdown imposed in Zhengzhou

New Delhi. The corona virus has once again become uncontrollable in China. China on Wednesday reported the highest number of daily Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic nearly three years ago. Health officials said on Thursday that the number of new local cases on November 23 stood at 31,444, of whom 3,927 were symptomatic and 27,517 asymptomatic. It has also broken the record of 29,317 local cases registered on 13 April.

This is special in this news-

  • lockdown in zhengzhou city
  • Record increase after April

lockdown in zhengzhou city

After a sudden increase in Corona cases in China, it has been decided to close Zhengzhou, Apple Inc’s largest iPhone manufacturing site, for five days. Authorities in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou resorted to strict restrictions to contain the outbreak of COVID-19. Zhengzhou’s epidemic task force said in a statement late on Wednesday that the lockdown would be imposed in the main urban areas of Zhengzhou from Friday to November 29. There were 996 cases of infection in the city on Wednesday, which were 813 a day earlier.

Record increase after April

With the record increase of Corona, one death has also been confirmed. On November 23, 509 symptomatic and 1,139 asymptomatic cases of corona virus have been registered in China’s capital Beijing. The special thing is that after about 8 months in China, there has been a record increase in the cases of corona virus in this way. Although these cases are relatively small compared to China’s huge population of 1.4 billion.

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